Sugar Rush Peach Bullet

C. baccatum

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Sugar Rush Peach Bullet, a captivating member of the cherished Sugar Rush family, known for its delectable Capsicum baccatum lineage. These peppers are celebrated for their exceptional flavor profile, which is a hallmark of the baccatum species. This variety is not fully stabilized yet so expect some variation. As you savor these chilis, you’ll be greeted by a delightful sweetness, intricately woven with a complex and aromatic depth that elevates them beyond the ordinary.

With a heat that is pleasantly warm rather than overpowering, the Sugar Rush Peach Bullet peppers are culinary chameleons, seamlessly fitting into a wide array of dishes. Whether you choose to sprinkle them as a finely ground powder, enjoy them fresh, savor them pickled, or simmer them into a luscious sauce, their flavor is guaranteed to shine, adding a gourmet touch to your meals. Their medium heat level makes them versatile for both the adventurous palate and those who prefer a gentler warmth.

Challenge: 1 (very easy to grow).