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Meet the Jalastar, a variety that redefines the boundaries of size for Jalapeños. This colossal wonder brings the beloved classic Jalapeño flavor, complemented by an impressively thick flesh that’s ideal for an array of sumptuous stuffings. Imagine the possibilities as you slice into its spacious interior, perfect for those who love to get creative with their culinary fillings.

The Jalastar is not just a pepper; it’s an invitation to elevate your cooking. It’s a perfect match for the heat of your oven or the smoky kiss of your grill, ready to transform into a mouth-watering centerpiece. Even for those with limited space, the Jalastar grows with vigor in pots, ensuring that anyone, anywhere can enjoy the thrill of harvesting these medium-hot marvels.

Embrace the Jalastar and let its substantial size and robust flavor inspire your next kitchen adventure. It’s not merely an addition to your garden—it’s a statement piece that promises a taste experience as grand as its size.

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