User reviews

User reviews
  • “The best of chili seeds and guides.”

    Petteri K.
  • “Fatalii seeds are of good quality and with good germinating percentage. The delivery is always fast and you get a growing guide and free extras, which are always a nice surprise, with your order.”

    Jari U
  • “I ordered three kinds of seeds, got five. And the bonus seeds wasn’t just some random seeds, but seems to have been very carefully selected to compliment the rest of the order perfectly. And I’m not surprised, Jukka seems to actually really cares about his customers. And the seeds were great, every single one I planted germinated well.”

    Pontus K.
  • “Fabulous Mr Fatalii. Not only did the seeds arrive in super-quick time but you stuck two freebies in. Even though we’d only ordered two varieties. What a star!”

    Paul F.
  • ”Always fast delivery, well sprouting seeds and generous extras every time! Time to try some new varieties”

    Samuli S.
  • “Fatalii has the best kind of seeds to the best prices. The webpage is easy to navigate and delivery is really fast. He answers questions one might have about growing chilis, it’ss like talking to a friend. I recommend Fataliiseeds to all my friends.”

    Simon W.
  • ”Always quality seeds from Fataliiseeds.”

    Olli S.
  • ”Best selection of chili pepper seeds of different varieties and great germination rates!”

    Eetu V.
  • ”First site where I bought pepper seeds. The amount of informatie per pepper was very helpfull for a newcomer. Made a selection of easy ones and the pepperplants are growing splendid. Great selection, certainly a site to check out each season.”

    Daniel S.
  • ”After growing with seeds from for 2 years now I am more than pleased. Germination rate of over 90%”

    Rasmus J.
  • ”Great service, fast deliveries and seed germination have always been at the promised level. This is the store where I actually buy chili supplies ranging from seeds to books. THANKS!!”

    Marko U.
  • ”Best Chili Seed Supplier ever!”

    Joshua B.
  • ”I have been growing chilies only 11 months. After I got my first seeds via a friend who had bought them for Fatalii I saw allmoste instanly quality of them. All of them germinated but lacking of my growing methods killed most of them. Long story shortened: now I have allmoste 40 different plants on urban area home, I have started growing on hydro, Using Fatalii fertilizers I can clearly see different when comparing any other products. And chilies are so productive I fear them to tear down by them own weight. Jukka have amazing knowlege and skill to explain things about growing and helping me to solve errors I have made during my prevous germinations and growings. For next year I expect much better results and will try bonchi for this autumm and winter. Chilies of my choices are baccatums and chinenses.”

    Juho R.
  • ”Very fast shipping and kindly service. Fatalii has a lot of information about chilies. Good and useful descriptions of different chili varieties make shopping very easy.”

    Sami S.
  • ”There are so many place to buy seeds. But when its needed to have some high quality seeds and quaranteed that they really are what label says: It’s time to make order from FataliiSeeds.”

    Juho R.
  • ”I have been buying seeds for 2 years now (on and off), absolutely love what you’re doing! Thanks for the wonderful times growing these plants!”

    Piter H.
  • ”Thank you so much, I absolutely love your seeds!”

    Lindsay S.
  • ”Great results from last seasons grow from your seeds! Can’t wait for these next ones!”

    Aaron H.
  • ”From Fataliiseeds you can find the most interesting seeds to try every time. This time I am also trying the famous fertilizers too.”

    Jari U.
  • ”Simply the best, Fatalii”

    Simon W.
  • “I love this website so much! Peppers are my favorite crop to grow and all these quality varieties keep me happy and busy. Without a doubt, the best germination rates of any seeds I’ve worked with. Thank you!”

    Billy V.
  • “The best chili seeds around! Top quality everytime! Best regards, a happy customer!”

    Jani E.
  • “I bought a lot seeds and planted a few of each just to be sure… Almost all of them germinated, now i have too many plants. 😀 Fast delivery too, highly recommended.”

    Anu H.
  • “I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the quality you are providing. I am not even close to the first harvest this year due to very bad wether in Austria, but with the last order i recieved around 100 varieties from Fatalii. I choose 26 varieties from all different species and was able to germinate 25 from 26 varieties! The growth of certain strains is crazy! I’ve never had my hands on better seeds. 100% recomended. Thanks again and keep up the great quality. ❤️”

    Philipp K.
  • ”I can highly recommend Fatalii as a place to purchase tomato and pepper seeds. The shipping is super fast, the seeds arrived in the Netherlands (in the middle of COVID times) in a couple of days. Yes, they are more pricey than most seed stores but the quality in both product and service more than makeup for it in my opinion. The seeds germinated super quick with a great germination rate, and grew strong seedlings. The customer service is super kind and helpful, and I received a couple of random gift seeds with my order too!”

    Sigourney K.
  • ”Just wanted to say amazing service! I got my chillies this summer and they’re still producing! Every chili lover’s dream!!!”

    Dario N.
  • Awesome support and great personality, chili seeds are germinating as expected, ten outta ten. Thanks a lot!

    Anne V.
  • ”Very helpful and professional service. The package really made my day with a joyful surprise in it. Fantastic selection of beautiful and useful seeds.”

    Satu H.
  • “Mr. Fatalii educates people and gives quick tips and advices every time I ask for something. The seeds are first quality and popped up ten from ten.”

    Alexander M.
  • “Bought from you last year. Great choice of varieties. Seeds arrived quickly, bonus freebie packets, growing guide and the bonchi booklet! Good germination rate and all came true.”

    Dusty M.
  • “With you can’t fail.”

    Olli S.
  • “Excellent seeds, germination close to 100%”

    Norbert van K.
  • “I have ordered chili and tomato seeds multiple times from The delivery has been fast every single time. I have always received many extras and am very pleased with the quality of the seeds.”

    Madis E.
  • “Honesty, integrity and a genuinely sincere approach to customer service is hard to come by. I have ordered from Fatalii numerous times over the past 4 years.”

    Jeff H.
  • “Always fataliiseeds!”

    Janne E.
  • “Very good selection of chili seeds.”

    Joonas K.
  • “Great seeds, great service! What more can you wish for?”

    Kai H.
  • “All you need to know about chili’s you find  here at fataliiseeds.”

    Sini K.
  • “Jukka has given heaps to the global community of hobbyists, professionals and researchers alike. The simplest way to support Fatalii is to order seeds and such from – the one stop shop for everything.”

    Oskari T.
  • “Just purchased my first chili and tomato seeds a while ago. Good selection and nice descriptions.”

    Tuija A.
  • “I have been a loyal customer for many years. I have allways gotten the seeds in a few days and have gotten some nice extra seed varieties too. So thumbs up for fataliiseeds!”

    Jussi A.
  • “Back in around 2004-2006 I used to watch my father growing chillies & tomatoes. Seeds were from Fatalii of course, I still have some of those seed packs!”

    Jaakko A.
  • “I ordered my first seeds from Fatalii at one sleepless night and there has been no return.”

    Vesa E.
  • “I’ve ordered few times chili seeds from Every variety that I have tried from Fatalii has been superb! And that Mr. Fatalii’s chat advice is always very fast and kind!”

    Ari-Pekka A.
  • “The king of chili! Never need to worry when ordering from Fatalii, seeds and all other products are top quality.”

    Anders S.
  • “Chilihead’s paradise – Interesting varieties, excellent germination (almost 100%), quality booklets tell you how to grow and how to get best result with your plants. And don’t forget tomatoes! What a selection of those.”

    Minna S.
  • “Ordered my first set already 4 years ago, since then I every year struggle with the urge to simply order everything 🙂 thanks to Fatalii I can enjoy both fantastic and diverse products chili varieties and beautiful plants on my balcony.”

    Martina C.
  • “Best seeds, best results and the best advices.”

    Elena L.
  • “I ordered a variety of seeds. Very happy with the timeline of delivery. I’ve had really good success germinating these seeds. The plants are a few weeks old now and very healthy.”

    Lewis F.
  • “I first started growing chilli’s with the help of Fatalii, best hobby I have ever had! The seeds have always been delivered very quickly. You also get extra varieties and not only that you can learn how to do bonchi’s (bonsai chilli trees) the website is by far the easiest to navigate and to find different varieties.”

    Ben W.
  • “It’s my third season with fatalii seeds. Always a good germination.”

    Markus G.
  • “ has all resources and great information on everything chillies. As well photos posted sparked glimpses of how great chilli plants are capable of growing and the many fun ideas of encompassing chilli hobby in life! Thank you sincerely!”

    Alice L.
  • “No doubt! Jukka is, for my opinon, one of the most serious grower and seller you can ever find. Very kind and extremely generous with free samples of seeds.”

    Marco B.
  • “You’re an inspiration.”

    Cjoy X.
  • “First time ordering from fataliis this year and was very pleased! Not only did I get lots of interesting pepper varieties, but lots of cool tomato varieties too! Great germination. Lots of freebies. And I’m very excited to try my first bonchi this year. Thank you!”

    Angie H.
  • “Bought some Jigsaws and got the best result. Definitely worth the buy.”

    Angelo R. B.
  • “Fatalii seeds are an awesome seeds! There are tons of tons of varieties of chili.”

    Mel L.
  • “Good results and one of the best inspirations for growing peppers!”

    Julian B.
  • “I’m only in my second year of chilli growing and happy that I found – they have so many amazing varieties of chilli and this year I have had 100% germination from seeds. Super quick delivery to the UK and good prices too.”

    Chris O.
  • “I found 4 years ago, thank Thor! As a lover of HOT SPICE I chose the hottest they had and began my journey of discovery. I grew 23 varieties in pots last year with AWESOME results.”

    Sacha W.
  • “This is my 3rd growing season and my first one with more than one variety. Many of the seeds I planted this year come from Fatalii, and they had a nearly 100 % germination rate even in less than ideal conditions. I will absolutely look to Fatalii in the future as my primary source of capsicum seeds.”

    Olli K.
  • “I found Fatalii Seeds via a chilli growers group and placed an order. The seeds came really quickly and most have germinated so I would recommend them to anyone but especially growers new to chillies as they had comprehensive instructions included.”

    David G.
  • “I love Fatalii because of all the varieties available and I love Finland too!”

    Miks R.
  • “This year it was my first time to buy seeds from It was a pleasure. Very happy with the germination rate and the friendly answers to my emails. I consider myself as a beginner chilli head of about 5 years experience so page is a big inspiration for me.”

    Tuuli R.
  • “My experience with so far has been of a cheerful demeanor, a very informative website, loads of new and fascinating chili varieties and quick and reliable delivery.”

    Karl B.
  • “Chili seeds from Finland? Yes, it’s possible and worth recomendation. Interesting, lovely and rare chili seeds with high germination rate. Many amazing varieties, different heat levels.”

    Ewelina Z. G.
  • “What really got my attention from the site, was a booklet of Bonsai chili plants, called Bonchi. I placed an order for some exotic seeds (different from Brasil) and got the The Bonchi Guide as a gift, and wow – what a big deal!”

    Rogério B.
  • “I have been growing chilies when I was in the UK a few years back. After moving to China and enjoying the local peppers I wanted to get some seeds and grow my own again. I’ve tried a few companies to get them delivered and never got any… I started to be pretty annoyed and thought I’d never get there but was just so tempting with their kits! So I bit the bullet, gave it a go and asked for a delivery in China and… it got there in a week!”

    Marie-Carmen I. H.
  • “Great seeds, great customer service and awesome variety.”

    Jarmo H.
  • “Quality seeds that germinate well. Lots of info and support for growing too.”

    Olli S.
  • “Great and rare varieties, germinating fast and reliably, great growing guide included, worldwide shipping.”

    Thomas von L.
  • “I love fatalii’s seeds this is my second or maybe third year of ordering!! The seeds are wonderful and virtually all germinate! Love them!!”

    Julie F.
  • “As a Finn I appreciate the fact I can buy my seeds from a Finnish company. Always got what ordered and even more. Mr Fatalii shares his chili knowledge in different channels where I have learned a lot during these couple of years with this awesome hobby.”

    Eeva V.
  • “Always found great varieties, also new ones. And quality of seeds has been perfect. And most of orders have included some small surprises.”

    Markku R.
  • “The first seeds came from fatalii, high germination rate and Good quality. Now I’m a hobby Farmer. Hugs from Portugal.”

    Joao C.
  • “There can be only one !! #fataliiseeds”

    Christian L.
  • “Simply the

    Joonas Miikael K.
  • “Great seeds! I always end up with way too many plants beacause almost every seed germinates!”

    Simon F.
  • “I have started growing chili’s years back but in 2014 for my birthday my son gave me a big surprise by giving me chili seeds and they were from Believe me, they are best seeds and Mr Jukka is a perfect guide, he spares his precious time to explain and guide you on your journey to this beautiful hobby. Would definitely recommend all chili lovers to visit”

    Greig A.
  • “If you are searching for The top qualitty of seeds and materials, fatalii seeds is the way! I use these products by myself and even sell them for years here, at Czech Republic! Jukka Fatalii is a professional that always helped me when I needed and he is a big inspiration for me.”

    Libor Š.
  • “Really quick deliveries and a wide variety of seeds! Site is easy to navigate and has accurate descriptions. Seed kits are an affordable and convenient way to get into the hobby.”

    Henry H.
  • “I had placed my first order with a few months ago and was amazed seeing the enormous selection of rare and unique pepper varieties, therefore I wanted to take my time to look through every single page. I had a few specific questions and was provided answers very quick, the customer service was awesome.”

    Brad D.
  • “Have been buying seeds from fatalii for almost as long as I have been growing chillies. Finding the bonchi page and guide encouraged me to experiment further with this art. The photos are a fabulous inspiration.”

    Nicola G.
  • “Best chili seed shop I know of. Great amount of different varieties including many wild chilies. Mostly 100% germination rate and even the rare varieties like C. galapagoense and C. flexuosum will germinate after some time. Big plus for the informative website”

    Georc D.
  • “My first seeds ever! I’ve had really good information for the whole thing from ♥️”

    Jani H.
  • “Tested and true! Works like charm! Like no other! What else is there to say? The best chili store out there no question! 100% germination rate! Flawless guide included with orders! Professional customer service! Complimentary extras! And much more…”

    Jussi Ä.