Bico Roxa

C. chinense

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Discover the captivating Bico Roxa, a Capsicum chinense chili pepper that’s not only visually stunning with its dark leaves, stems, and early-stage pods but also ranks as one of the best-tasting Habanero relatives. Small in size but grand in flavor, these pods produce a powder that is simply irresistible. The enchanting smell and aroma of the powder made from this variety are so alluring, you’ll find yourself continually craving its unique taste in your culinary creations.

It delivers a delightful kick, adding just the right amount of heat to your dishes. Plus, the Bico Roxa is ideal for pot cultivation, making it a perfect addition to balconies and small gardens. Experience the exceptional blend of beauty, flavor, and practicality with the Bico Roxa chili pepper.

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Challenge: 1 (Very easy to grow!)