Purple Bhut Jolokia

C. chinense

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The Purple Bhut Jolokia stands as a marvel in the realm of superhot chili peppers, not just for its incredible heat and flavor but also for its unique aesthetic appeal. This variety distinguishes itself with a captivating color transformation, where the pods evolve from a vivid green to a deep, striking purple, and finally to a rich, fiery red as they ripen. It’s a prolific producer, ensuring a generous yield of deliciously ripe pods.

What sets this variety apart even further are its remarkable flowers. The blooms are a rare and stunning purple color, a unique trait among Capsicum chinenses, adding an extra layer of beauty to the plant. These distinctive flowers enhance the already breathtaking visual display of the plant, which features a spectrum of purple pods, some transitioning through shades of orange to red.

For the superhot chili lover who appreciates both extraordinary flavors and exceptional beauty, the Purple Bhut Jolokia is a must-have. Its combination of intense heat, delicious taste, and rare purple flowers make it a standout choice, sure to be a centerpiece in any garden.

Challenge: 1 (easy to grow).
purple bhut jolokia