FATALII’S FINEST Extended Kit (100g+100g+50g)


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Fatalii’s Finest EasyPro is a 100% water soluble professional grade fertilizer.
Made of high quality ingredients free of chloride, sodium and other detrimental elements to plants. Suitable for all growing mediums.
Fatalii’s Finest EasyPro gives astonishing growth and amazing yield.
Fatalii’s Finest EasyPro contains all required plant trace elements in ideal form for plants. A powdered composition makes this fertilizer extremely long lasting.
Also suitable for plant foliar feeding.

This kit contains following products:
Fatalii’s Finest EasyPro Part 1/2 (100g)
Fatalii’s Finest EasyPro Part 2/2 (100g)
Fatalii’s Finest Supercharge Harvest Booster (50g)

Package sizes: 100g + 100g + 50g

Delivery for Fatalii’s Finest fertilizers to limited to EU.

Guide how to use the fertilizer is on the package and here.