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C. frutescens

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The Duke Pequin Pepper, sourced from the botanical collections at Duke University, is a captivating variety of C. frutescens, closely related to the well-known Tabasco pepper. This semi-wild or wild pepper stands out with its ability to grow into a small tree-like form, adorned with clusters of small, elongated berries that resemble tiny candles.

This plant is not only remarkable for its unusual growth habit but also for its robustness and ease of care. It thrives well in various conditions and is even suitable for bonsai cultivation, making it a unique addition to any garden. The peppers themselves offer a potent heat, ideal for adding a spicy depth to dishes, much like the Tabasco pepper.

With its sturdy nature and striking appearance, the Duke Pequin Pepper is a fascinating choice for both gardeners and chefs looking to explore new flavors and gardening experiences.

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