Q: I live in a country x, do you ship to there ?
A: We currently concentrate shipping to EU.
We also deliver products outside EU but that will be on customers risk.
You will also be asked to agree on these terms before you can proceed ordering outside EU.

Q: When do I get my order ?
A: That depends greatly where you live.
The normal delivery time is 2-7 days to Europe.
Sometimes orders can take several weeks depending on
the location you are ordering from.
If the order takes more than 30 days to arrive to europe,
or more than 45 days elsewhere, please contact us at

Q: How many seeds are there per variety?
A: The amount of seeds per varietiety for chili peppers is
7-10+ seeds. For tomatoes the amount is 10-20 seeds.
For good quality seeds this is more than enough.
For more plants per variety, order more packages
per variety or make cuttings from your plants.
(More info about cuttings at fatalii.net)

Q: One of my varieties looks different than on the site, why?
A: If the variety is still unstable, it’s mentioned on the website.
The further the generation is in, the more stable the variety.
However, as the seeds are open pollinated (in controlled greenhouse)
and the risks for cross pollinating have been minimized, it still happens
sometimes. We included some extra varieties with your order as compensation
to make up for it in case cross pollinating happens.
If you are not satisfied with the results and you didn’t get variety you wished
for the most, please email us at fatalii@fataliiseeds.net and we’ll sort it out. 🙂
Also, keep in mind that often hybrids are more prolific and can be fascinating.
If you are happy with the result you got, keep collecting seeds from the best
plants / pods and keep on growing and breeding your own variety that way!

Q: What payment options are accepted?
How can I pay?

A:  Here´s the list for current payment methods:
– Mastercard / Visa / Amex  Via Paytrail or PayPal (paypal account not needed)
– Paypal (in EU)
– Direct bank payments + other methods via Paytrail in Finland.
– Apple Pay
Choose the correct payment method from theorder form.

Please contact us at fatalii@fataliiseeds.net
in any case of payment- or any other problems.

Q: I got my seeds! What should I do now?
A: Start germinating them. 🙂
You might have gotten some information included
in the package and with your order confirmation email.
If not, check fatalii.net for information about
germinating, growing, harvesting, processing etc.
Also, it’s good to keep in mind that the service
doesn’t end when you get the seeds.
As a customer you can get answers to your questions,
directly from a professional grower!
When in doubt about something, please don`t afraid
to ask!
Any questions regarding growing chiles can be sent to
fatalii@fataliiseeds.net or fatalii@sci.fi

Q: What should I do as I don’t want to have such a large collection of varieties as I have only limited space… ?
A: Don’t worry! Seeds will stay viable for years,
especially when stored in dry and dark drawer.
That means you can save some varieties for later use
or better yet, give them as presents to your friends,
relatives and co-workers. 🙂

Q: There is a mistake / problem with my order,
what now?
A: Please contact us at fatalii@fataliiseeds.net and
let us know about the mistake or problem and
we will figure it out!

Q: I / We would like to place a bigger order
as a group or company, reseller or a garden, can we get a nice
discount for this?

A: Big seed orders will always be free of charge for
shipping (30+ euros).
When you are going to order a huge amount of
varieties or seed bags, please email us at
fatalii@fataliiseeds.net and we will give you a
discount which is suitable for your order.

Q: What is the return and refund policy?
A: No returns accepted.

Q: I didn’t find the question I needed answer for here, what now?
A: Just contact us by email at
fatalii@fataliiseeds.net and we’ll figure it out! 🙂