Mustard Ghost Scorpion

C. chinense

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The Mustard Ghost Scorpion chili is a fiery delight, beginning its life in a bright green state before maturing into a deep mustard yellow. The surface of this pepper is uniquely textured and very wrinkled, inviting to the touch, and hints at the intense heat that lies within.

This chili packs a serious punch in terms of spiciness, boasting a heat level that can easily ignite a dish with over a million Scoville heat units. But it’s not just heat for the sake of heat; this pepper offers a fruity flavor profile that brings complexity to its fiery nature. It’s a beautiful addition to any garden, with its golden hues providing a beautiful contrast against the darker foliage.

Ideal for those who enjoy a spicy kick, the Mustard Ghost Scorpion is versatile in the kitchen. It can liven up a variety of dishes, particularly those that hail from regions where spice is a hallmark of local cuisine. From hot sauces to stews, or even as a daring garnish, this chili is sure to leave a memorable impression with both its taste and ornamental appeal.

Challenge: 1 (easy to grow!)

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