Lavender Peach

C. chinense

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The Lavender Peach chili pepper is truly a standout with its vibrant hues and flexible growing conditions. This variety showcases a lovely feature not too commonly found in chili peppers – the stem and the calyx (the part where the stem connects to the pepper) often share the same striking colors as the pods, creating an overall aesthetic harmony.

It has a smooth skin and a soft flesh. The heat level is very high. The exotic, fruity aroma promises a taste that’s as lively as its appearance. The peppers transition from a green to gentle peach and a vivid lavender with a glossy sheen that catches the eye.

Gardeners will find the Lavender Peach chili a joy to cultivate, whether in the sun-drenched outdoors, the controlled environment of an indoor pot, or in the greenhouse. Its darker-than-average leaves provide a lush backdrop to the very decorative peppers.

As this variety is still in the process of stabilization, growers can anticipate some variation in the peppers’ appearance, which only adds to the charm and excitement of growing Lavender Peach. Simply put, this is the variety to grow!

Challenge: 1 (Easy to grow.)