Fatalii’s Heat Units (FHU)

What does this heat level meter mean?

Instead of the commonly used Scoville Heat Units (SHU’s) we use Fatalii’s Heat Units (FHU’s) because level from 0-10(+++) is easier to understand for everyone, even the growers who are just starting.

Check out the general conversion of FHU to SHU from the picture.


Some things to understand: Sometimes a chili which is classified as MILD, can be very hot from the end, so why is it classified as mild? You should think the relation of the heat to the whole pod. For example, if you mince and mix the chili, that would give a great idea of the heat level. Heat level 2 can be surprisingly hot from the end of the pod, but when mixed to whole pod, it’s quite mild.

Growing conditions can also greatly affect the heat scale. For example, very dried up or stressed mild chilis in maturing stage can end up to be surprisingly hot. Also the opposite can happen. Sometimes very hot pods can end up being surprisingly mild.