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The Sili-a-top chili, hailing from the Philippines, is a distinguished member of the C. baccatum variety and is cherished for its robust growth and colorful display. In ideal conditions it can become a proud centerpiece in any garden.

It’s a prolific producer, offering a spectrum of pods that evolve from green to a warm, inviting orange as they mature. The flavor is a dance of fresh citrus with a fruity twist, and the heat packs an upper-mid punch, making it both a challenge and a delight for those who dare. Sili-a-top is remarkably easy to grow, promising a long season of harvesting even in cooler climates, and its 10 cm long, 2 cm wide pods are perfect for slicing into a stir-fry or garnishing a meal with fresh, zesty slices, yummy!

Challenge: 1 (Easy to grow).

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