Cape Gooseberry (Physalis peruviana)

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What an awesome plant to grow! These fruits are very tasty and the plant is a fast grower and producer so it can be grown well even in northern climates.
The taste is absolutely great! It has some sourness overpowered with a lot of sweetness and and a bit of acidity, the balance in the taste is outstanding and it’s commonly eaten as it is, in smoothies, fruit salads or normal salads, an ingredient in fruity sauces or as dried fruits.

Also known as goldenberry, ground cherry and inca berry. It also has several local names where it’s originated like uvilla, uchuva and aguaymanto.

Hairy, as a young plant it’s almost like cute pet. A great plant for beginners and kids well as it’s very easy to grow. Plant can produce hundreds of fruits and they can be preserved fresh in their husks for months!

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