Jalapeno, Goliath

C. annuum

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Savor the gentle giant of flavors with the Jalapeño Goliath, a variety that pairs the classic Jalapeño taste with an inviting mildness and an alluring hint of sweetness. This large, tasty pepper is a standout with its delightful aroma, adding a new dimension to your dishes without overpowering them. The Jalapeño Goliath is a marvel of horticulture, boasting an early maturity for those who anticipate the joy of the harvest with a keen palate. It’s a compact plant, but don’t let its size fool you—it’s a prolific producer, brimming with large, succulent pods as the season matures.

Imagine your kitchen filled with the bounty of the Jalapeño Goliath, each pepper offering ample flesh for stuffing, grilling, or slicing into your favorite dishes. This variety is not just a pepper; it’s a culinary treasure, perfect for those who appreciate a milder heat coupled with robust flavor.

Limited supply.

Challenge: 2 (can be difficult to overwinter).
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