Sugar Rush Stripey (Dehydrated Chili) – 200g

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The Sugar Rush Stripey chili pepper is a captivating variety known for its delightful taste, sweet aroma, and heat that’s just a notch above medium. Its most striking feature, the vibrant striped appearance, not only makes it visually appealing but also a favorite among culinary enthusiasts and chefs alike.

This sweet and aromatic chili is perfect for creating unique, flavor-rich sauces where its gentle heat and visual appeal can truly shine. Imagine it as the base for a sweet chili sauce or a vibrant addition to salsa, offering a burst of color and a depth of flavor that’s both enticing and memorable.

In the world of artisanal honey, incorporating finely chopped Sugar Rush Stripey chili can transform the honey into a visually stunning and tastefully complex condiment. This chili-infused honey could become a sought-after item, ideal for drizzling over cheeses, blending into dressings, or adding a sweet heat to marinades.

For sausage production, the Sugar Rush Stripey can introduce a subtle heat and a burst of sweetness, making for uniquely flavored sausages that are sure to stand out in the culinary market. These sausages could become a new favorite for those seeking a mild spice with a lot of flavors.

In spice mixes, the Sugar Rush Stripey’s aromatic qualities and mild heat make it an excellent ingredient for blends targeting poultry, fish, and even vegetable dishes, offering a sweet heat that complements rather than overwhelms.

Beyond these uses, the Sugar Rush Stripey’s distinctive appearance and flavor profile open up creative possibilities in snack foods, such as spice-dusted chips or popcorn, adding a playful and tasty heat. Its sweet, aromatic nature also lends itself well to confections, where its stripes can add visual interest and its flavor a sweet, spicy kick to chocolates, candies, and baked goods.

The Sugar Rush Stripey chili pepper, with its wonderful taste, sweet aroma, and visually stunning stripes, offers a unique ingredient for a wide range of culinary creations, from sauces and honeys to sausages and spice mixes, inviting chefs and food innovators to explore its rich flavor and appealing aesthetics.

Vacuum packed.
Grown in Kirkkonummi, Finland.

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