Pyramid Chili (Dehydrated Chili)– 100g

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The Pyramid Chili, celebrated not only for its eye-catching decorative appeal but also for its culinary versatility, particularly in oriental style cooking, matches the heat level of Cayenne pepper. Its sharp, non-sweet heat makes it a prime candidate for dishes and products where a distinct, penetrating warmth is desired.

When integrating these dried pods into honey, imagine a spicy twist to your sweet spreads or glazes, perfect for drizzling over cheese platters, roasted meats, or even your morning toast, offering a delightful contrast between sweet and sharp flavors.

In sauces, the Pyramid Chili can infuse a vibrant heat, especially suitable for stir-fry sauces, marinades, or even a spicy BBQ sauce, enhancing the depth of flavor with its sharpness, making it a go-to ingredient for those who appreciate a fiery kick in their meals.

For sausage makers, incorporating ground Pyramid Chili can elevate the product with a clear, distinguishable heat, ideal for crafting specialty sausages that stand out in the market. These sausages can offer an exciting experience for consumers seeking flavors that pack a punch.

In spice mixes, the distinct sharpness of Pyramid Chili makes it a valuable component, especially in blends intended for grilling or roasting meats and vegetables. Its clear heat can cut through the richness of dishes, adding a layer of complexity and zest that enhances the overall taste profile.

Beyond these applications, Pyramid Chili’s sharp heat is perfect for innovating in snack foods, like spicy flavored popcorn or chips, adding an intense heat that’s both enjoyable and memorable. Its non-sweet, sharp character also makes it suitable for creating unique confections, such as chili-infused chocolates, where its heat provides a surprising contrast to the sweet cocoa.

The Pyramid Chili, with its stunning appearance and sharp, penetrating heat, is an ideal ingredient for culinary creators looking to add a distinctive warmth to their dishes and products, from honey and sauces to sausages and spice mixes, opening up a world of flavor possibilities.

Vacuum packed.
Grown in Kirkkonummi, Finland.

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