Aji Fantasy, Sparkly White (Dehydrated Chili) – 200g

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The Aji Fantasy Sparkly White chili pepper is a captivating variation of the original Aji Fantasy, featuring a striking white to pale yellow coloration. Known for its more pronounced fresh taste, this variety brings a unique twist to the beloved characteristics of its predecessor, combining the delightful aroma and moderate heat that complements a wide array of culinary applications.

Ideal for gourmet sauces, the Aji Fantasy Sparkly White adds a fresh, vibrant flavor that can elevate both savory and sweet dishes. Its subtle heat and fresh taste make it perfect for creating creamy sauces or dressings that benefit from a hint of spice and a burst of freshness, enhancing everything from salads to grilled dishes.

When incorporated into artisanal honeys, the Aji Fantasy Sparkly White can introduce a refreshing twist, creating a condiment that’s perfect for pairing with cheeses, drizzling over pastries, or adding a unique flavor to teas and cocktails, where its freshness can shine.

For sausage making, this chili offers a bright, fresh flavor that can distinguish artisan sausages, providing a subtle heat and a novel taste profile that can appeal to those seeking something out of the ordinary in their meat selections.

In spice mixes, the Aji Fantasy Sparkly White’s fresh taste and aroma can add a new dimension to blends intended for seafood, poultry, or vegetable dishes, offering a hint of heat and a refreshing flavor that elevates the overall dish.

This chili’s unique attributes also lend themselves well to the creation of snacks, such as flavored popcorn or chips, where its fresh taste can offer a delightful spicy kick. Additionally, its pale hue and distinct flavor can inspire confections like spicy candies or chocolates, adding an element of surprise and sophistication with its subtle spice and refreshing taste.

The Aji Fantasy Sparkly White chili pepper, with its more pronounced fresh taste, stands out as an extraordinary ingredient for those looking to infuse their dishes and products with a unique flavor profile that combines mild heat with a lovely freshness, making it a versatile and sought-after choice in the culinary world.

Vacuum packed.
Grown in Kirkkonummi, Finland.

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