Purple Pumpkin (Dehydrated Chili)– 100g

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The Purple Pumpkin chili stands out for its eye-catching transformation from purple to pink to red, resembling colorful miniature pumpkins. This visually striking chili is not just a treat for the eyes but also brings a flavorful kick to dishes, making it a great fit for oriental cooking and spicy culinary products.

Perfect for enhancing sauces, this chili adds a unique visual appeal and spicy depth to both sweet and savory recipes. Its vibrant colors and moderate heat level make it an excellent choice for creating standout dishes and spice mixes, particularly for grilling or stir-frying, where it contributes both color and flavor.

In artisanal chili products like oils, vinegars, or honeys, the Purple Pumpkin chili transforms these into gourmet items with its distinct appearance and taste. Its decorative potential also elevates food presentation, adding an extraordinary touch to the culinary experience.

Ideal for adding a flavorful heat to oriental dishes, the Purple Pumpkin chili is a prized ingredient for those looking to blend culinary artistry with taste, enriching traditional recipes and new creations with its unique twist.

Vacuum packed.
Grown in Kirkkonummi, Finland.

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