Champion (Dehydrated Chili) – 200g

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The Champion chili stands out for its super aromatic qualities and a delightfully sweet taste, paired with a mild to medium heat level, making it a versatile favorite for those who appreciate flavor as much as spice. Its unique profile lends itself beautifully to a broad spectrum of culinary applications, especially in products where subtlety and depth of flavor are key.

In the realm of gourmet sauces, the Champion chili can be the secret ingredient that offers a nuanced heat and a burst of aroma, ideal for sauces that accompany delicate dishes where the chili’s sweetness and fragrance can shine without overwhelming the palate.

For artisanal food creators, the Champion chili’s sweet and aromatic nature makes it perfect for innovative jams and jellies. Think of a chili apple jelly or a sweet pepper relish that can serve as the perfect accompaniment to cheeses, meats, or even as a glaze for baked goods, offering a gentle warmth and a depth of flavor.

The mild heat and sweet taste of the Champion chili are also great for spicing up snacks without making them too hot to handle. This chili can add a pleasant zing to baked goods, like muffins or bread, where its aroma will be baked in, creating a sensory experience that’s both warming and inviting.

In the world of confections, imagine the Champion chili infused into chocolates or candies, where its mild heat and sweet flavor add an unexpected twist to sweet treats, making them intriguingly delicious and hard to resist.

Condiments such as chili-infused honey or olive oil could greatly benefit from the Champion chili’s characteristics. These products could enhance a variety of dishes, from drizzling over pizza to adding a new dimension to salad dressings, where the chili’s aroma and sweetness can elevate the overall taste.

Moreover, the Champion chili’s profile makes it an excellent choice for flavoring beverages. Its sweet and aromatic qualities can enhance fruit punches, lemonades, or even cocktails, adding a subtle warmth that complements the drink’s flavors without overpowering them.

In culinary creations, the Champion chili can be used to impart a mild, sweet heat to marinades and rubs, perfect for meats and seafood, adding an extra layer of flavor that enhances the natural tastes of the foods without dominating them.

The Champion chili, with its superb aroma, sweet flavor, and manageable heat level, offers a unique opportunity for culinary innovation, allowing chefs, food artisans, and home cooks alike to explore new flavor territories in a variety of dishes and products.

Vacuum packed.
Grown in Kirkkonummi, Finland.

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