Peach Wasp

C. chinense

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The Peach Wasp chili offers a dazzling display of slender, twisty pods that ripen into a lovely peach hue. Its appearance is a garden’s delight, with each pod’s contoured lines and bends giving it a whimsical charm. Not just about looks, this chili brings a substantial heat that’s fierce yet not overpowering, rated between 300,000 to 450,000 on the Scoville scale. It’s a perfect middle-ground for those who appreciate a fiery punch without venturing into superhot territory.

Gardeners will find the Peach Wasp a joy to grow, as it’s known for a generous yield, and its adaptability makes it suitable for pot cultivation in warm spots. Whether for a vibrant garden addition or a citrusy, spicy kick in culinary creations, the Peach Wasp chili is a variety that promises a delightful experience from soil to plate, yummy!

Challenge: 1 (easy to grow)

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