Scotch Bonnet Safi

C. chinense

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The Scotch Bonnet Safi is a vibrant variant of the Scotch Bonnet pepper, known for its fiery heat and rich, fruity flavor. Characterized by its tam o’ shanter shape, it matures from green to a deep red, indicating its readiness for harvest.
It’s significantly spicy yet offers a sweet, smoky undertone that makes it a favorite in Caribbean cuisine. Ideal for jerk dishes, salsas, and hot sauces, its versatility extends to marinades and even adventurous desserts.
The Safi thrives in warm, humid conditions, mirroring its Caribbean roots, and matures in 90 to 120 days, promising a rewarding yield for those who cultivate it.
This pepper is a choice pick for those looking to add a burst of authentic Caribbean heat and flavor to their dishes.

Challenge: 1 (Very easy to grow!)