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C. baccatum

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This lesser-known Capsicum baccatum variety is a hidden gem among chili peppers. It’s an incredibly productive plant that yields a bounty of quite hot peppers, each bursting with a delicious, pungent flavor that makes an excellent alternative to more common varieties like Cayennes.

Highly recommended for its distinctive taste, this chili is perfect for culinary experimentation. One great idea is to blend it with salt, creating an attractive and flavorful chili salt that can add a unique twist to your dishes.

The plant itself can reach impressive heights and becomes a stunning display when laden with its vibrant, tasty peppers. What’s more, managing its growth is both simple and enjoyable, especially with baccatum chilis. A pair of scissors is all you need to keep it in check, making it a fun and easy addition to your garden or indoor plant collection. This chili pepper is not just about the heat; it’s about adding a splash of color and a dash of flavor to your culinary creations.

Challenge; 1 (easy to grow).

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