Aji Fantasy Stripey (Dehydrated Chili) – 200g

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The Aji Fantasy Stripey, building on the beloved qualities of the Aji Fantasy, offers an enhanced sweetness and an even more captivating aroma. This chili variety is a treasure for culinary enthusiasts looking to add a unique and flavorful twist to their creations.

Its increased sweetness and aromatic charm make it an exceptional choice for gourmet sauces, where it can lend a nuanced depth that complements both savory and sweet dishes. The Aji Fantasy Stripey is especially suited for creating vibrant, flavor-packed salsas, jams, and jellies that can serve as the perfect accompaniment to cheeses, meats, or simply as a standout spread.

In the realm of confections, this chili’s enhanced sweetness is a boon, adding a delightful spicy-sweet dimension to chocolates, cakes, and pastries. Its lovely aroma ensures that each bite is not just a taste but an olfactory experience, elevating the overall enjoyment of the treat.

For snack foods, the Aji Fantasy Stripey can offer a gentle, flavorful heat to popcorn, roasted nuts, or chips, making for an irresistible gourmet snacking option that’s both aromatic and satisfying.

Artisanal condiments, such as chili-infused honey or olive oil, benefit greatly from the Aji Fantasy Stripey’s sweet and aromatic profile. These products can enhance a variety of dishes, adding a touch of sweetness and a complex flavor profile that enriches everything from salads to grilled dishes.

In beverages, the unique qualities of the Aji Fantasy Stripey chili can be used to craft inventive drinks that intrigue and refresh, from spicy-sweet cocktails to flavored teas, adding a layer of sophistication with its sweet heat and fragrance.

The Aji Fantasy Stripey chili, with its superb sweetness and more intense aroma, stands out as an extraordinary ingredient for those seeking to introduce a distinctive flavor and aromatic profile into their culinary creations and products.

Vacuum packed.
Grown in Kirkkonummi, Finland.

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