Buena Mulata (Dehydrated Chili)– 200g

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Dehydrated Buena Mulata chili, reminiscent of the cayenne in taste, is a standout ingredient that adds a nice, sharp bite to dishes without introducing sweetness. Its robust flavor profile makes it particularly suitable for enhancing the complex flavors found in Asian cuisines.

This chili’s vibrant heat and depth of flavor make it ideal for spicing up stir-fries, lending an authentic kick to curries, and elevating noodle dishes to new heights. Its sharp bite cuts through the richness of coconut milk-based recipes, bringing balance and intensity.

Buena Mulata also shines in marinades and sauces, where its heat can be adjusted to suit your palate while still imparting a rich, full-bodied flavor. It’s perfect for adding a zesty punch to dipping sauces, from soy sauce-based dips to spicy peanut sauces, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Beyond Asian cuisine, Buena Mulata is versatile enough to add piquancy to barbecue rubs and homemade chili powders, giving meats and vegetables a distinctive heat that’s full of flavor. Its lack of sweetness allows the natural flavors of your ingredients to stand out, complemented by the chili’s invigorating warmth.

For those who enjoy experimenting with international dishes, incorporating Buena Mulata into Mexican salsas, Indian chutneys, or Thai soups can introduce an exciting twist to traditional recipes. Its compatibility with a wide range of spices means it can blend seamlessly into diverse culinary landscapes, making it a valuable addition to any spice cabinet.

Innovate with Buena Mulata in your kitchen creations, from enhancing comfort foods like mac and cheese with a spicy edge, to crafting spicy cocktails that awaken the senses. This chili’s sharp bite is an invitation to explore bold flavors and unexpected pairings, inspiring culinary adventures that transcend borders.

Vacuum packed.
Grown in Kirkkonummi, Finland.

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