Royal Black

C. annuum

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The Royal Black chili pepper is a stunning spectacle! At the flower stage, it is a delicate beauty, with petals combining pure white and vivid purple, leading to a striking contrast that is as rare as it is beautiful. As the fruit develops, it undergoes a fascinating transition, starting with a deep black hue that later blossoms into a radiant red, offering a visual feast for the eyes and a versatile spice for the palate.

The heat of the Royal Black is finely balanced, hovering just above medium level, making it a fiery addition to dishes without overwhelming them. This makes it particularly well-suited for ornamental purposes, where its decorative appeal can shine in gardens or on balconies. But beyond its beauty, it’s also a culinary treasure, especially for those who love oriental cooking. The Royal Black’s heat and sharp flavor can elevate stir-fries, curries, and other Asian dishes with just the right amount of kick.

Whether used as a striking ornament in your outdoor space or as a spice in your cooking, the Royal Black chili pepper is a noble choice for both gardeners and chefs alike. Its majestic progression of color, from the deepest of blacks to the brightest of reds, ensures that it is a variety that will capture attention and delight senses in every stage of its growth.

Challenge: 1 (Easy to grow!)