Rocoto, CAP 363

C. pubescens

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This Rocoto variety has a delightful twist among your other garden favorites! These pods are a bit elongated and lovely orange color. They’re the perfect middle-ground for heat lovers, offering a warming kick that’s noticeable but probably won’t send you running for a glass of milk.

The Rocoto CAP 363 loves cooler climates, so you won’t have to worry if your garden is a bit on the chilly side. Expect a bumper crop of these slender pods, ready to be the star of your kitchen creations.

With their ideal size, these chilis are perfect for a stuffed pepper dish or diced into tacos and salads for an extra pop of flavor. Get your garden growing with Rocoto CAP 363 and treat yourself to a unique variety that promises extra length and extra flavor in every pod!

Challenge: 2 (requires a longer season)
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