Jalapeno, Zapotec

C. annuum

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Experience the timeless allure of the Jalapeño Zapotec, a storied chili pepper with roots deep in the soils of Oaxaca, Mexico. This heirloom variety carries with it the legacy of the ancient Aztecs, a true heritage breed with a flavor profile that’s as rich as its history. Each pepper is a treasure, with succulent, thick flesh that exudes an aroma so captivating, it becomes a sensory memory for anyone who favors the distinctive taste of Jalapeños.

The Jalapeño Zapotec is a gardener’s delight, yielding abundantly and showing off its character through the lovely corking patterns on its skin, an aesthetic mark of its authenticity and flavor intensity.

As you relish the robust zest of these peppers, let it also be a tribute to the memory of Beth Boyd, affectionately known as the Chile Queen. In every harvest and with every taste, we celebrate her spirited devotion to the world of chilis, ensuring her fiery passion lives on through the continued enjoyment of the Jalapeño Zapotec.

Challenge: 1 (Can be difficult to overwinter).
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