Burning Pleasure (Seed Kit)

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This seed kit is great for both beginners and growers who want to experience some new premium chili pepper varieties!

Aji Norteno
A moderately hot, delicious Aji from Peru’s northern coastal valleys. Large pods with thick flesh makes this variety one of the best for culinary uses. Slightly sweet, fruity flavor.

Hainan Yellow Lantern
This variety comes from Hainan island, China, where it’s actually quite commonly used for mainly a tasty hot sauce.
Very prolific variety that has a strong chinense aroma. Very hot.

WARNING!  EXTREMELY HOT! One of the rather new super super hot hybrids. This is definitely one of the hottest chilis you can get.
A lovely superheat aroma makes it ideal for cooking.

Sugar Rush, Long Peach
 These elongated, peach-yellow colored pods are extremely tasty and medium hot. Definitely one of the best tasting C. baccatum chili peppers there is!

All seed kits include a pocket growing guide.