Cream Fantasy

C. baccatum

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Indulge in the delightful flavors of this sweet Capsicum baccatum chili, a variety that promises a taste experience just below the medium heat threshold. As it ripens, it transforms into an exquisite creamy white hue, signaling its readiness for harvest.

This chili variety is a true bounty bearer, offering impressive yields that will satisfy any gardener’s aspirations. Each chili boasts a succulent, thick flesh with a satisfying crunch, perfect for a myriad of culinary uses, especially as a vessel for delicious stuffings.

While this variety is a masterpiece in progress, not yet fully stabilized but it’s getting close. You have the chance to participate in its evolution, to refine and enhance its qualities through selective breeding. Embrace the journey of nurturing and shaping the future of this promising chili variety.

Challenge: 1 (easy)

Cream Fantasy
Cream Fantasy