Rocoto, Orange (CAP 867)

C. pubescens

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Grow your own Rocoto Orange chilis and enjoy a splash of color and a kick of heat in your meals! These chilis are perfect for anyone who loves something spicy but not too hot. They have a great taste that really stands out, and the thick flesh makes them perfect for all kinds of dishes.

Don’t worry if you live where it’s cooler – these chilis are tough and can handle the cold. You’ll be amazed at how many chilis you can get from just a few plants. Whether you want to stuff them, grill them, or chop them up for your salsa, Rocoto Orange chilis are sure to make your food pop with flavor.
So why wait? Start growing your own Rocoto Orange chilis as soon as possible and bring your garden and your kitchen to life with their bright color and yummy taste!

Challenge: 2 (requires a longer season)
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