Jalapeno, Tam

C. annuum

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Introducing the Jalapeño Tam, a delightfully mild variety that captures the essence of jalapeños with a gentle touch. Perfect for those who revel in the flavor but shy away from the heat, this variety brings the best of both worlds. Its aroma is notably inviting, adding a fragrant kick to your culinary creations without overwhelming the senses.

The Jalapeño Tam is an excellent choice for growers of all stripes, whether you’re tending to a garden bed, nurturing pots on a balcony, or cultivating warmth in a greenhouse. It adapts with ease, promising a versatile and stress-free growing experience.

Not only is the Jalapeño Tam wonderfully mild and aromatic, but it’s also a champion of productivity, offering an abundance of peppers that mature swiftly. For jalapeño enthusiasts who prefer their peppers on the milder side, the Jalapeño Tam presents an irresistible opportunity. Get ready to enjoy the full-bodied aroma and subtle zest of jalapeños in their most approachable form yet.

Challenge: 2 (not ideal for indoor growing)