Perkele Pack (Seed Kit)


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This seed kit contains the best super hot varieties for both beginners and experienced growers.


Moruga Chocolate
A chocolate colored version of the famous Moruga Scorpion which to this day, still holds it’s place with hottest average heat level.
Unlike most super hots these days, The original Moruga Chocolate is very stable variety. It is unclear how long this chocolate version has been stabilized but the pods do resemble the original Moruga Scorpion a lot. HIGHLY recommended for extreme heat lovers!

Moruga Scorpion
Moruga Scorpion is the hottest pepper measured in the world by average heat results.
Recent HPLC tests gave it a highest result of 2,009,231 Scoville heat units!! Lovely Moruga aroma makes this one of the best superhots!

WARNING!  EXTREMELY HOT! One of the rather new super super hot hybrids. This is definitely one of the hottest chilis you can get.
A lovely superheat aroma makes it ideal for cooking.

Naga Morich
Classic superhot variety. Naga Morich is not just hot but also has a great taste which many chiliheads love so much.
Absolutely great with all kinds of hot cooking. The plant is very prolific and easy to grow.

All seed kits include a pocket growing guide.