C. annuum

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This is a Mexican variety used to make tamales, marinades, stews and soups. It resembles
medium-hot Mexican peppers like Jalapeño and Serrano, and can be used like
these when still green. Mexican cuisine uses dozens of chili varieties for
creating subtle nuances in cooking. A traditional “mole” sauce can contain up
to 40 different chili varieties! This small, pretty pepper is not nearly as
well known in western cooking as Jalapeño – but since the Mexicans love it, why
shouldn’t you check it too? Catarina just might be the secret ingredient to
make your dishes that one special bit better than others’ ?

Plant is very compact sized and produces amazing amount of pods each cycle.
A bonus for this variety is that it’s usable as a shaker for musicians when dried!
The seeds will rattle inside the pod. We are using these in recordings too. 🙂

Challenge: 1 (easy)