Rocoto, Ecuadorian Red

C. pubescens

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The ‘Rocoto Ecuadorian’ chili pepper is a fiery delight, boasting a considerable heat level that can ignite any dish with its passionate flare. This variety is celebrated for its exceptionally thick and juicy flesh, which offers a satisfying crunch and a substantial bite to savor. The plant wrapped in a coat of uniquely hairy foliage, it stands out in the garden with a textural charm reminiscent of the wild.

The pepper’s intrigue is deepened by its dark, mysterious seeds, a hallmark of the C. pubescens species, adding an exotic edge to its profile. The ‘Rocoto Ecuadorian’ is a robust chili, perfect for those who love a combination of intense heat and lush, fleshy textures in their culinary adventures.

Challenge: 2 (requires a longer season)
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