Rocoto, Aji Largo

C. pubescens

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Rocoto Aji Largo, the chili that brings the classic rocoto experience to your garden. With its robust, thick flesh, every bite is a juicy delight, rich in flavor and carrying a heat that’s more than just a tickle but still stays on the right side of enjoyable, thanks to a full-bodied spiciness that’s complex yet pleasant.

Like a gem among chilis, it boasts the signature black seeds and vibrant purple flowers that aficionados cherish in C. pubescens varieties. The Rocoto Aji Largo isn’t just a chili; it’s a statement piece in your garden that promises a sensory pleasure with every harvest. If you’re a chili lover looking for that perfect balance of heat and flavor, this is the rocoto to grow.

Challenge: 2 (needs a longer season)
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