Pimenta Leopard

C. chinense

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The Pimenta Leopard chili pepper is a stunning and flavorful variety, born from the cross between the fiery Bhut Jolokia and the unique Pimenta de Neyde. It boasts an eye-catching transition from purplish-black to bright red with dark accents, reminiscent of a leopard’s markings. Known for its high heat level, which falls between a Habanero and a Ghost pepper, it combines spiciness with a hint of fruity sweetness, making it versatile for culinary uses.

This pepper is not just about its looks; it’s prolific, with plants growing tall and producing numerous pods, enhancing any garden with its vibrant colors and dark foliage. Its distinctive taste and striking appearance make the Pimenta Leopard a noteworthy addition to the chili world. Not fully stable variety.
Challenge: 1 (easy to grow)
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