Moruga Chocolate

C. chinense

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A chocolate colored version of the famous Moruga Scorpion which to this day, still holds it’s place with hottest average heat level.
Unlike most super hots these days, The original Moruga Chocolate is very stable variety. It is unclear how long this chocolate version has been stabilized but the pods do resemble the original Moruga Scorpion a lot.
The oiliness inside the pod of this chocolate version is something I’ve never witnessed before, which directly tells something about it’s heat level.
This variety easily reaches at least the same heat level as all the other hottest ones currently at the moment.
Besides it’s horrifying, overly painful heat level, it has one of the best aroma from the super hots which makes it ideal to be used as a powder or especially as a sauce!
HIGHLY recommended for extreme heat lovers!
Challenge: 1 (easy to grow).