Jalapeno Pack 3 (Seed Kit)

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Seed kit containing some of the best Jalapenos!
Only available from fataliiseeds.net!

A modified Jalapeno variety. Produces plenty of thick fleshed tasty pods. Medium hot. Suitable for growing in pots. Matures to red. Ideal for stuffing. Compact plant. Improved version of a classic variety.
Ideal for outdoor/greenhouse/patio/balcony growing.

Jalapeno, Senorita
Mild Jalapeno type with a very tasty thick flesh. Very prolific plant with beautiful pods. Great for pickling or to be used fresh with pizzas and salads etc.

Jalapeno, Sweet
This jalapeno variation is not mild unlike it’s name implies. It has a nice sweetness but it will end with a surprisingly big kick in the end. The aroma is great and works well as a hotter jalapeno powder or pickle.

Jalapeno, Tam
Very mild Jalapeno variety with a great aroma. Ideal for outdoor, balcony or greenhouse growing. If you like fresh Jalapenos but don’t like too much heat with them, then this one is for you. Aroma is especially good! Very prolific and quite fast to mature.

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