Fatalii’s Chili Competition 2022 (SEED KIT)

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Fatalii’s Chili Competition 2022

Fatalii’s Chili Competition Pack 2022 will include three varieties!
You can start growing these RIGHT AWAY.

You can start sending your submissions (one photo per category) from any of these categories to competition@fatalii.net with a subject “Competition 2022” in June 2022. The winner will be announced November 1st. in 2022 – Submissions sent earlier than June 2022 will be discarded.

There will be 3 different prizes, one for each category! You can take part in just one, two or all three categories of the competition.

Bangalore Whippet’s Tail – Grow the longest pod the world has ever seen! Take photo with a ruler that has centimeters.

Numex Twilight – Grow the most beautiful Numex Twilight! You are free to choose the style. winner will be chosen by voting  (instagram, Facebook or website).

Ramiro Red – Grow the biggest pod possible, take photos with a scale that shows grams.

More questions? Join our fatalii.net whatsapp group for more info! fatalii.net/wa

All seed kit orders will also include a pocket growing guide.