Chili Jungle (Seed Kit)

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Seed kit containing very nice variation of different great chili peppers!

Aji Habanero
The name Aji Habanero is a misleading as it isn’t related to habaneros. After growing it, most people will definitely fall in love with this tasty variety. Prolific, hot, tasty and easy to grow. Worked especially well as powder and chipotle. There are couple of versions by the same name out there.

Cabai Burung Ungu
The name means “Purple Bird Pepper”.
The pods mature from the tiny shiny deep purple to orange-purple to through purplish crimson red to bright red. The taste is typical to C. frutescens species, very suitable to use as flakes or powder or whole pods in a hot soup for example. In colder climates this one should be grown indoors or in a greenhouse. Or if you can extend the growth by taking the plant indoors later autumn, you can grow it outdoors too.

Rare, very different kind of chili pepper. It’s quite mild all around but still might surprise if you eat it as it is. Also known as Brown Egg. Sweet, full taste, excellent actually! Very compact plant, which produces a lot of pods which have a delicious looking coffee color. For a chili collector who wants more mild and unique plants and pods.

Thick fleshed, very sweet and pleasant tasting, mild-medium hot Capsicum baccatum variety. Grows very well in pots. Heavy producer. These pods are very good for stuffing. Or used in fruit salads etc. Also, try to use them with bread, they give a nice little sweetness and extra punch. A must have mild chili for any grower!

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All seed kit orders will also include a pocket growing guide.

Aji Habanero