Chili Garden (Seed Kit)

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This seed kit is great for both beginners and growers who want to experience some new premium chili pepper varieties!

Dalle Khursani
A great, very large type of C. chinense – A habanero type in other words.
The taste is especially aromatic, a little bit sweet and very hot.
With good growing conditions these can grow big enough for stuffing.

Extraordinary chili pepper plant from Brazil: the center of things weird and wonderful in chili. The wonderment begins with the plant
itself. Huge leaves up to 30 cm long. It also grows very fast and it can grow VERY tall, 3-4 m
height isn’t uncommon at all! The fruit is not less spectacular: it is non-pungent
with sweet, very strong and pleasant apple flavor in the edges, but the center
of the pod is something entirely different: it’s HOT.

Baby Red
Very weet tasting, pretty, thick fleshed, crunchy and juicy baby-sized bell pepper! Even a small plant can produce stunning crops!
This is the ideal variety for growing bell peppers at home. Suitable for outdoor, indoor, patio and greenhouse growing.

Numex Twilight
An ornamental chile pepper that is so insanely pretty you simply can’t miss it. If you like to grow useful chile peppers that are a true eye-candy! This is an ideal variety to decorate your windowsill, balcony, patio or garden. Perfect to be candied as it looks very pretty and has quite thin flesh. Very good bonsai chile candidate too. You can melt anyones heart with this one.

All seed kits include a pocket growing guide.