Sugar Rush, Stripey – (Generation 2022)

C. baccatum

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This one is a very, very unusual chili pepper as it matures to peach/orange color with red stripes!
Sugar Rush was first bred by and my friend Chris Fowler did an excellent job breeding many different versions from it.
One of the version came back as a striped version!

This latest generation has been collected in early 2022 from the seeds of a new generation started growing after summer of 2021.
Definitely the latest generation of this incredible variety you are going to get at the moment.

Just above medium heat. Extraordinary excellent, very fruity aroma with sweetness and some nice fresh overtones! One of the best tasting chilis you can find!

A must have for any chili grower. Produces excellent yields!

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Challenge: 1 (Easy to grow!)

Sugar Rush Stripey
Sugar Rush Stripey