Spicy Joy (Seed Kit)


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Seed kit containing very nice variation of different great chili peppers!

Aji Mango
Very very tasty, sweet, fruity, aromatic baccatum chili pepper!

The name actually suits this chili very well as the taste really resembles a Mango a little as fresh, but real magic is revealed when you dry and powder this outstanding variety! The taste is so fruitful and mango like that it barely can’t get any better than this! Compact plant for C. baccatum, Tolerates different temperatures very well which makes it a perfect all around plant.

Cha Cha
Absolutely awesome, very compact chili pepper plant which is FILLED with awesome yellow upward chili peppers. As you can see, this variety is very prolific. Quite hot pods which offer excellent spice for thai-type cuisines when dried and made into powder or flakes. Awesome as useful ornamental plants to grow almost everywhere!

Mini Chocolate Bell
A mini version of the chocolate bell pepper! Very fun plant to grow. These pods are very tasty and sweet and the actual plant is quite compact and bears a lot of pods every time.
Great for stuffing as well as with salads or eaten the way there are as a tasty snacks. Must have for chili growers who like a lot of taste without the heat.

Piri Piri
There are quite a few varieties and actually species as well called by this name, or “Peri Peri”. Most of them are this kind of small, dedicious pods meaning they will come loose very easily. This is most often considered to be the authentic African C. frutescens Piri Piri. As many chiliheads know. C. frutescens Piri Piri is what to look for if you want the specific type of heat and taste they can offer. C. frutescenses are very easy to tell apart from other species from their greenish-white flowers.Very very prolific plant. Just remove the stems (picking them without the stem which is easy) and dry them as whole in a pepper mill for example or in a various Piri Piri sauces and pastes! Very hot pods which ripen from dark green to red. Commonly used with many African cuisines. as well as in other parts of the world.

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