Jalapeno Pack 4 (Seed Kit)

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Seed kit containing some of the best Jalapenos!
Only available from fataliiseeds.net!

Jalapeno, Craig’s Grande
Extremely tasty jalapeno  variant! Medium hot. Sweet and great aroma! Gives great yield, even in pots. Great for stuffing too. Highly recommended for any Jalapeno lover!

Jalapeno, Early
Jalapeno version that matures earlier compared to more traditional Jalapenos.
Medium hot and medium sized plant which gives great crops. Ideal for outdoor/greenhouse growing.

Jalapeno, M
Very classic type of Jalapeno. These pods are medium hot and have very strong  jalapeno aroma. The compact plants are filled with quite short, unique looking pods. A must have on pizzas, nachos and as a pickled pods!

Jalapeno, NuMex Vaquero
A wonderful, big jalapeno variety which actually has quite a lot of heat for a jalapeno! Will be corked very easily which make these pods very beautiful! Besides being tasty and very hot, they are also very prolific! A must have for any jalapeno lover who wants more heat!

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All seed kit orders will also include a pocket growing guide.