Fatalii’s SALSA EXPLOSION (Tomato Seed Kit)


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This seed kit is all about unusual and quite hot varieties which are fun and easy to grow.

Kudesnik (Magician)
Maturity: mid-season, height: 1.2m, fruit are of 120g each, globe shaped, pink-colored, juicy and flavorful, contain a
lot of vitamin A, heavy yield.

Lemon Cherry
Maturity: mid-season, height: up to 2m, the fruit are lemon-colored, globe shaped, weight: 30-40g each, the plant is covered with fruit until frosts, unusual taste.

Pink Bumle Bee
Maturity: early, height: up to 2m, weight: 10-15g each fruit, pink-colored with yellow and green stripes, very sweet taste, survives the first autumn frosts.

Roman Candle
Height: 1.4m, maturity: mid-season, yellow-colored fruit, elongated, with a pointed end, weight: 100g each. Resembles a candle if you turn it upside down.

All seed kits include a pocket growing guide.