Warm Vibes (Seed Kit)


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Seed kit containing very nice variation of different great chili peppers!

Cereja de Amapa
Very very pretty plant which produces round, green-purple pods that ripen in clusters to yellow-orange and finally to red.

The taste is very fruitful and sweet when these pods are fully mature. Nice amount of heat too, around the habanero level.
A must have plant to grow in the greenhouse, yard, balcony or indoors!

Jalapeno, White
One of the best Jalapenos! These pods are big, tasty, sweet, medium hot and have the typical, wonderful Jalapeno aroma, as immature and mature. These plants are extremely prolific despite their compact size! A must have if you like Jalapenos! They ripen from pale white green to pale yellow and finally to red.

Mono Chico Peru
Wonderful wild chili type from Peru. The name means “Monkey Boy”. Why is this one so great you might ask? Well, besides being a wild, fascinating wild chili type, it’s also quite hot,  has a very unique peppery aroma, which works great as a dried powder as well as fresh small rings with your cooking! First try it on your pizza instead of the pickled Jalapenos, and you might be surprised. Besides all the other good things, this one is super prolific. Prepare to pick hundreds and hundreds of pods from each plant. Very tolerant plant as it tolerates a little cold, heat and other harsh conditions. Easy to grow either as a small plant in a small pot or as a huge, tall big plant! This Monkey Boy is quite a must have for all chili lovers!

Sugar Rush Stripey
This one is a very, very unusual chili pepper as it matures to peach/orange color with red stripes!
Sugar Rush was first bred by fatalii.net and my friend Chris Fowler did an excellent job breeding many different versions from it.
One of the version came back as a striped version!
Just above medium heat. Extraordinary excellent, very fruity aroma with sweetness and some nice fresh overtones! One of the best tasting chilis you can find! A must have for any chili grower. Produces excellent yields!

Seed kits sold alone with FREE basic letter SHIPPING where available!

All seed kit orders will also include a pocket growing guide.