Sugar Rush, Long Yellow

C. baccatum

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The Sugar Rush, Long Yellow is a standout variety in the chili pepper world, originating from accidental cross-breeding in our experimental greenhouse. This remarkable cultivar as many of the Sugar Rush Chili peppers is the brainchild of my dear  chilihead friend Chris Fowler, who nurtured and selected many of its unique phenotypes over several years and is still continuing to do so!

Characterized by its elongated, yellow colored pods, the Sugar Rush, Long Yellow is a culinary delight. These peppers offer an exceptionally flavorful experience, boasting a medium level of heat that strikes the perfect balance between spice and taste. They are celebrated for their delectable aroma and delicious taste, making them one of the finest examples of C. baccatum chili peppers.

Ideal for those who prioritize flavor over extreme heat, the Sugar Rush, Long Yellow still delivers a satisfying warmth. It’s an excellent choice for anyone looking to add both a delicious aroma and a pleasant heat to their dishes. With its unique backstory and outstanding taste profile, this chili pepper variety is a must-try for enthusiasts and gardeners alike.

Challenge: 1 (very easy to grow).