Jalapeno Pack II (Seed Kit)

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Seed kit containing the best jalapenos!
Only available from fataliiseeds.net!

Jalapeno, Lemon Giant
A mild, unstable variety which is seems to be originally a cross between Jalapeno Lemon Spice and mild bell pepper. The result is excellent tasting very mild Jalapeno-bell pepper type! If you want to have just that tiny hint of heat with your peppers and like the aroma of Jalapenos, then you have just found your ideal pepper.

Jalapeno, Farmers Market Potato
This rare version of Jalapeno is very unique, under a strong sun and plenty of light it can get so corked that it actually looks like a potato! The pods are quite large and very thick fleshed. Very good tasting. Size of the plant is very compact and the crops can be quite large. Needs a long season, so start early.

Jalapeno, Pumpkin Spice
Orange-yellow version of Jalapeno created by NMSU in 90’s. This jalapeno variety actually has a lot of heat to spice up your food! Very prolific, compact plant. Also known as Numex Pumpkin Spice. A must have addition to your growing collection of different Jalapenos. Collect them all!

A wonderful, fresh tasting, medium hot Jalapeno variety which ripens from light-green-yellow to red. If you like Jalapenos at all, then this one will definitely be a nice addition to your growing collection! Very prolific plant which tolerates even cooler climates very well!

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