Jalapeno, Lemon Spice

C. annuum

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Brighten up your meals with Jalapeño Lemon Spice, the pepper that shines like the sun with its cheerful yellow color. This eye-catching Jalapeño is not only pretty to look at but also packs a flavorful punch with just the right amount of heat.

You won’t have to wait long to enjoy these beauties because they grow up fast. Picture your pizzas and dishes dotted with sunny yellow slices of this pepper, making every bite a little more exciting. And if you love pickles, mix these yellow stars with other Jalapeños to create a jar full of colorful, tangy treats.

The Jalapeño Lemon Spice is all about adding a bright twist to your favorite foods, making it a fun and tasty addition to your garden and your plate.

Challenge: 1 (Easy to grow!)