Hot Passion (Seed Kit)

C. annuum
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Seed kit containing very nice variation of different great chili peppers!

Aji Fantasy
Aji Fantasy is a truly sweet, delicious and tenderly mild from the edges and somewhat hot in the center.
Variety created in Finland By Mr. Fatalii. Produces great numbers of nice looking delicious pods –
truly candies of the pepper world! The wonderful shaped pods ripen from green to yellow and are
ideal for stuffing or using them as fresh with any cooking.
Ideal variety for beginners too! A great example of what baccatum chili pepper can be!

Bolivian rainbow
One of the most beautiful and easiest ornamental pepper plants you can find!
This small, compact plant is pretty even in the wintertime – but wait until it receives
enough sunshine or suitable artificial light! The dark green leaves will turn
shiny deep purple, almost black. The cone-shaped, erect pods go through colors
of green, purple, pink, yellow and orange before ripening bright red! There are
usually pods of all these colors in the plant at the same time, making it a
perennial favorite of many people. The pods are moderately hot and perfectly
usable in cooking.

Thai Dragon
Very compact and prolific plant. Great for Thai/Asian cooking as well as for
ornamental / bonsai purposes. Very compact way of growing!
Plenty of piercing pungency and very sharp taste.
A must have for any oriental food lover.

Turbo Pube
A must-grow-rocoto from Ecuador.
One of the best rocotos there is! Named by as Turbo Pube around 2005
as more “user friendly name” instead of PI 585267.
Turbo Pube as it’s super prolific Capsicum pubescens.
Very aromatic, great tasting and unique elongated egg shaped pods.
Heat is around medium, pleasant type of heat!

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All seed kit orders will also include a pocket growing guide.

Aji Fantasy
Bolivian Rainbow